San Jose del Cabo 2016

After our Todos Santos 2016 Surf Yoga Retreat, we were game to test out a new vendor for motorcycling adventures. A dirt-bike tour is a terrific way to check out the Baja landscape, and the perfect activity for a day away from the surf and yoga – if you’d ever want such a thing!

Our guides from Off Road Baja Adventures were the best! We were equipped with right-sized Honda dirt bikes and each of us had a personal guide so we were both pushed to the edge of our ability, and nobody felt like they were holding anyone back. We rode through single track, dirt roads, and deep sand; into the mountains, and then down the coast.

Stopped along the way to visit one OLD man cactus. 

Stopped along the way to visit one OLD man cactus.

Obviously, the views were to die for, and we made a mental note to add quite a few spots to our list of East Cape surf destinations.

If getting dusty on a dirt bike is your thing, we’d love to schedule an adventure like this as part of your trip. We’ve lined up partners and guides to match anyone’s ability on a dirt bike. (of course, you must have on-road motorcycle riding experience) Tell us more about what you want by filling out a survey! Instructions in the footer.

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