Oh but the Food…

When I think of adventure travel I also think of sleeping in a dusty tent after a long day, eating pre-packaged, freeze dried camp food. Of course, some trips somewhere require that, but not ours! Although all our trips are different, there are two elements that are steady every time: luxury lodging and good food.

We believe that whether at home or on the road, there’s little that’s more important than the food you fuel your body with. That’s why we seek out farm sourced, healthy meals wherever we go. Food is also a great complement to the travel experience, when you eat locally, you take in the flavors, history and culture of an area in a very literal sense.

On all our trips, you’ll surf, you’ll yoga, and you’ll complement your activity with beautiful, healthy meals. It’s our promise to you. So put aside any notions you have of eating tacos or burritos all day, and explore the culinary offerings of Baja with us. There’s so much to see…and taste!

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