Adventure in Loreto, Baja Sur

There are some cities you fall in love with, even without surf. Loreto is one we love to visit as we travel to and from the waves. With an international airport, it’s easy to get to, and there’s plenty to see and do, making it worth a stay for a night or two, or three.

The town plaza boats the oldest mission in Baja (1697), as well as great food, good ice-cream, and gorgeous old architecture. It’s quiet and lovely for exploring by foot.

There are several ocean adventure outfitters in town, offering everything from stand up paddle boarding, to fishing, to snorkeling and diving. We joined up with Loreto Sea and Land Tours to explore the Sea of Cortez with some diving. Our dive master was knowledgable and fun and took us to several sites surrounding Isla Coronado where we saw sea lions, sea turtles, rays and more. Our mid-day lunch stop landed us in paradise and gave us time to explore the island with a little hike.

If diving is not your thing, it’s still worth a day trip to Isla Coronado to hike the hills, catch the view – and snorkel the shoreline. Our guides also provided us with an amazing homemade lunch of tamales with fresh guacamole.

The beaches here are unreal, but so are the mountains! We rented a jeep and took the path less traveled to seek out Mission San Javier. Built in 1699, this is a gorgeous site full of history, and worth the drive – plus the journey up there offers a nice change of flora and excellent views.

If you’ve been blessed with four wheel drive, then of course, you’re half-way to our favorite surf spot, just follow the road you’re on over the mountains and back down to the pacific coast. Getting there is just as fun as arriving.

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