Rescue Horses of San Juanico: A Photo Tour of Hearts Help Horses

“There is only one of us. One consciousness manifesting into different forms” – Ram Dass

Believe it. By taking care of any living being, we take care of ourselves. On our last trip to Scorpion Bay, we were honored to spend some time touring this ranch for rescue horses with our new friend, Earthquake. If you know Scorpion Bay, you’ve seen him on the water. Ask him for a tour of the ranch, and give a lil’ donation to help some horses. Inspiring as f*ck.

Baby horses, ya’ll.
This beautiful guy had some serious “before” pictures. Now living a much happier life. 

^^ Siblings. These guys were not shy at all. Came right on up to say hello and play. Look at that face!

No farm complete without a cat…
No farm complete without dinosaurs.

This guy was not a ranch resident, but came for the positive vibes. He took a long time to approach, but enjoyed some pets by the time we were done talking. Gorgeous.

The little pig that makes me re-think my pork consumption. I mean, seriously. All beings everywhere just want to be happy, safe and free. 
Beautiful moms and their babies.
Earthquake. Here’s a man who’s doing good things.

UPDATE! Earthquake’s ranch now has a website, so please, head over to Hearts Help Horses and make a donation. Money received goes toward food, shelter, birth control and medical expenses for these sweet animals. Share your good fortune, and you’ll feel more fortunate. xoxo

A sweet good-bye from a shy baby. Count your blessings. Share your fortunes.

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