3 Yoga Classes for Reversing Stay at Home Stiffness

If you’re anything like me, staying at home has made you more sedentary than you’re used to, even if you have been doing daily yoga classes. With less moving around comes stay at home stiffness and crankiness in the body.

The three main areas where we tend to feel this tightness the most are the hips, low-back and shoulders. A lot of sitting means tighter hamstrings and hips. Less standing and walking around leads to low back pain. Too many hours at the computer leads to poor posture, upper back pain and tight shoulders.

Consistent movement is key to preventing pain in the body. Lack of movement weakens muscles, especially the core. Movement keeps joints hydrated and maintains range of motion, which prevents injury.

It’s Time to Get Moving Again

Reverse stay at home stiffness with the following three yoga classes. Each is specifically designed to ease you out of your self-quarantine slump. We’ll move from more yin-like stretching in class number one, towards a chance at some inversions in class number three.

And no, you’re not meant to do these back to back. Take is slowly. Practice every other day, or practice one class several times a week if it feels good in your body.

Note that any time we focus on one area of the body in an hour-long yoga class, you may feel some inflammation and soreness the next day. This doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong, just drink plenty of water and avoid sugar to ameliorate this effect.

As always, never do anything in a yoga class that triggers acute pain, and think of these videos as guides more than mandates. Move mindfully with attention to sensation in your body, and remember that there’s no need to push to the edge of your range of motion.

Moving with self-compassion and mindful care will coax the best out of your body, and guides the mind to that wonderful state of post-yoga bliss.

1. Yoga for Cranky Hips

In this hip stretching class you’ll need two pillows from your bed to use as support. Long, slow holds bookend a short sequence of strong, standing movement.

2. Yoga for Low Back Pain

Low-back strengthening and stretching to support better posture, increased mindfulness and less pain. You’ll need a blanket that you can roll into a tube shape, a pillow, or two blocks.

3. Yoga for the Shoulders

No props needed for this one. If you’d like to play with forearm stand, set up close to a wall with plenty of space in front of you.

May each of these classes be of benefit to you as we begin to cautiously exit from this time of hibernation. Resting is important, but we must balance our rest periods with movement for healthy bodies and minds.

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