Buddhist Antidotes to Laziness, so You Can Surf More and Work Less

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition organizes laziness into three types. The first is procrastination, the second is the laziness that comes with being too busy, and the third is the laziness of low-self esteem, or lack of faith.

Each one of us has all that we need to live the life we dream of. If you’re reading this blog, that dream life likely includes the freedom to travel and surf the world, and the spaciousness to meditate daily.

So why aren’t you?… Read More Buddhist Antidotes to Laziness, so You Can Surf More and Work Less

Sustainable Travel: Practicing Ahimsa on the Road

Here’s something that’s important to us: sustainable travel and moving through the world doing the least harm possible. Yoga’s foundational practice of ethics, as outlined by the yamas and niyamas, puts “do no harm,” or ahimsa, at the top of the list. Hence, at Baja Surf Yoga we put effort into mindfully choosing the locations for each of our Southern Baja adventures. By doing so, we stay true to our yoga first philosophy.… Read More Sustainable Travel: Practicing Ahimsa on the Road

Plastic-Free Suggestions for Home & Travel

Plastic is doing damage at sea, on land, in our bodies, and all around. We’re now learning only 9% of plastics produced globally end up getting recycled. And if you think you’re recycling yours, well, you probably aren’t. We must stop our use of plastics at the source and do all we can to stop buying the stuff. Here are our suggestions for home, travel and the beach.… Read More Plastic-Free Suggestions for Home & Travel

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Baja

La Paz is tucked inside a protected, north facing point on the Golfo de California, or Sea of Cortez. This is the ocean that Jacques Cousteau famously referred to as “the world’s aquarium” for its diversity and abundance of sea life. While they live in the open sea, whale sharks feed and give birth seasonally at several costal sites worldwide. These large gatherings near shore are referred to as aggregates. La Paz is one such feeding site, with juvenile whale sharks visiting here from winter to late spring each year.… Read More Swimming with Whale Sharks in Baja

Escaping Samsara through Travel

Samsara is a foundational concept found throughout eastern spiritual philosophy that describes the inherent suffering in the cycle of life. To break free from the cycle, at some point we have to just get up and go. Buddha teaches us there’s a path to freedom, an end to the suffering, a way out. Travel can teach us that this movement is possible, and as we change our scenery, we can begin to change our minds.… Read More Escaping Samsara through Travel