A Brief Morning Practice for More Restful Nights

1 in 3 adults fails to get sufficient sleep for optimal health. Either we lie awake at night sleepless, or awaken throughout the sleep cycle, never falling into the deep restorative state we need for optimal health.

Sleeplessness is part of a cycle with no beginning. Thus, we could insert a solution at any point along this continuum. What we do during the day, or even when we first wake up is just as likely to impact our sleep as what we do in the hour before bedtime.

We take a look at a practical, 5-step morning routine for more restful nights.… Read More A Brief Morning Practice for More Restful Nights

Plastic-Free Suggestions for Home & Travel

Plastic is doing damage at sea, on land, in our bodies, and all around. We’re now learning only 9% of plastics produced globally end up getting recycled. And if you think you’re recycling yours, well, you probably aren’t. We must stop our use of plastics at the source and do all we can to stop buying the stuff. Here are our suggestions for home, travel and the beach.… Read More Plastic-Free Suggestions for Home & Travel

Escaping Samsara through Travel

Samsara is a foundational concept found throughout eastern spiritual philosophy that describes the inherent suffering in the cycle of life. To break free from the cycle, at some point we have to just get up and go. Buddha teaches us thereโ€™s a path to freedom, an end to the suffering, a way out. Travel can teach us that this movement is possible, and as we change our scenery, we can begin to change our minds.… Read More Escaping Samsara through Travel

Yes, Meditation Can Save the World. Here’s How.

Happy people don’t hurt others. If and when we are happy with a pure type of happiness that’s nestled in contentment and an inner sense of wholeness, we have no need to hurt others. When we experience pure happiness, our actions vibe with our open-hearted energy. This is the type of happiness that’s reached through the practice of meditation, and if everyone could calmly abide in this state, well then the world wouldn’t need saving.… Read More Yes, Meditation Can Save the World. Here’s How.

How Travel Teaches Letting Go, and Why It Matters

I recently returned from a trip to Spain where I participated in a Mindfulness Yoga retreat, toured a bit around Valencia, and then took off into the Pyrenees for a few days of hiking through Posets-Maladeta Natural Park. It was close to a three week adventure, and although part of me yearned for those three weeks to never end, the lessons are in the ending.… Read More How Travel Teaches Letting Go, and Why It Matters